Life Style


Every person entitled a different DNA to each others. As like, everyone  has a different lifestyle to others. Lifestyle meaning that one person do whatever he likes.

Eating ,clothing,bathing,sleeping,taking rest,playing, having behavior are different to each others which are connected on sound health. Not only this geographically changes may relates to health conditions.

So life style is one of big factor to be sound health. That's for why we are trying to reach the people who can know how to be healthy and tidy all time in respect of getting proper health  treatment clinically or naturally.

hijama (Cupping)

1. Migraine-induced long-term headache
2. Blood contamination
3. Hypertension
4. Insomnia
5. Perkinson's disease
. Bone joint pain / gate arthritis
. Back pain
. Knee pain
9. Long-term common headache
10. Neck pain
11. Back pain
12. Leg pain
13. Muscle strain
14. Long-term abdominal pain
15. Pain caused by bone displacement
16. Problems with the thyroid gland
16. Sinusitis
16. Asthma
19. Cardiac Disease
20. Infections of the circulatory system
21. Tonsillitis
22. Infection of teeth / mouth / tongue
23. Gastric pain
24. Obesity
25. Chronic Skin Diseases
26. Drainage of waste under the skin
26. Many more diseases including boils and scabies.
26. Diabetes
29. Vertebral disc prolapse / herniation

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