How to reduce abdominal fat


 What is abdominal fat ?

Excess belly fat has a long lasting negative effect on our body. The risk of getting sick also increases. Due to such fat, there is a possibility of various diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure. Many people plan to lose fat to stay healthy. But due to lack of proper direction, it is no longer implemented. You can easily reduce excess belly fat by following a few things. Increase Protein Foods Eat more protein foods to reduce excess belly fat. 

The way to reduce abdominal fat

For figure out the abdominal fat we have to take a measurement tape and watch how much in inch the bally area from bally button around the middle. If the value is greater than reference value for female an male then we called the availability of abdominal fat. It is too much unhealthy as well as feeling uneasy to cope up with daily life hazarded. 

At the same time the amount of carbohydrate intake should be reduced. Keeping these two issues in mind, eating regular meals will not require any separate exercise to reduce fat. Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides (MCT). Research shows that coconut oil is very good for health as it contains a lot of MCT. Trying to reduce stress If you want to reduce belly fat, you have to eliminate stress. Many suffer from stress due to overwork or anxiety. You have to try to get out of these. Several studies have shown that meditation, deep breathing and a happy bath help reduce stress and reduce fat at the same time. Everyday Green Tea Green tea plays a very important role in reducing belly fat. That's why you have to drink it every day. Always take the right amount of sugar with green tea. 


There have some mechanism to reduce the abdominal fat as well which discussed as follows:

Studies have shown that insulin levels and hormones work properly when you get 7 to 8 hours of regular sleep. Which will give you energy in calorie expenditure. This will reduce excess belly fat. Drinking more water is very effective in reducing fat. Regularly drinking 8 glasses of water every day will quickly reduce excess belly fat. This will reduce your risk of getting sick and keep your body healthy.

Eating Sea fish:

Sea fish contains the substances that reduce the abdominal fat. The substance is called Omega -3 fatty acid which help to diminish the visceral fat from abdomen. 

Deep colored fruits:

Colored fruits like red colored are helpful to reduce obesity. The more deeper color of fruits the more carotenoid lycopene which is effective against the genes responsible for overweight.


Cinnamon can help to reduce abdominal fat through eating cinnamon as spices as well. It also can stop the activity of growing obesity. Not only cinnamon eating along with vegetables as cooked but also it can eat without cooking.


Ginger is one kind of health benefactor spices . It has various importance's for it's ingredients. Ginger can help to reduce abdominal fat through eating Ginger as spices as well. It also can stop the activity of growing obesity.

Fatless meat:

Lean meat that is fatless meat can help to stop growing the activity of genes responsible for gain overweight as well. We found that most of the meat is fitfully. So we should aware about the fat which is detrimental to health. Also we have to focus on foods and habits which are responsible for growing abdominal fat.


Researcher says that choline is better helper to stop growing hormones to get abdominal fat. Egg is one of the best resources of choline. So the way to reduce bally fat is choline by consuming egg and as it is.

 Green tea with lemons:

Lemons can cut off the extra fat having in the abdomen. So we should practice lemons along with green tea everyday for taking health fit and fatless abdomen for last long.





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