Overweight : Alarming of life

 Overweight gain is one of the common topics now a days. Over 28 lac people are dying causes of overweight. Now it turns into a disease for all. Once time it was related with developed countries but now a days it is beyond it boundaries. People in every age can gain overweight. It is high risk for every level of human being because overweight is now a days alarming for life. It can reduce your health protection as well resistance to comply with barriers matter or substances.

Risk factors : Over weighted people are  high risk to get enhancing  cancer cells. 

Causes of overweight 

There have many reasons for gaining weight which are known to all. Nevertheless the main causes of overweight are described as follows :

Junk Food:
The process foods in which all food ingredients are not presented then hard to resist to human body as a resultant categorized as junk foods.

Fast food:
Fast food contains transparent fat which is detrimental to health because it causes diabetes,  Blood pressure, overweight etc. So we should avoid these items as well as take saturated fat which is helpful for health. As fast food are available in anywhere in the point of urban area so people can reach it easily to take al-time that's  for why the level of over weighted people in the world is increasing daily at alarming  rate.

Street food: 
Street food also a source of trans fat, antagonists of saturated fat, which is also harmful for health .Because of having much level of sugar as well as spicy, street foods are liable to people being over- weighted day by day. Street food can enhance the sugar level of body due to present preservatives ,colors,  carbonate beverages along with alcohol. Street foods are used instead of  dinner, breakfast also. So people going to be lazy in respect of making home made food day by day and getting overweight beyond their thinking. 

Job with seating:
Most of the people are engaged into offices and courts in where they are working in desk with sitting at steady which are liable to gain overweight. So it should be helpful if someone gets himself as standing circumstances.

Reactions of medicine:

 Sometimes medicine reactions are followed due to overdose or low dose. So it should be kept in mind that overweight can occurred due to improper medications. Some medicines makes people lazy and dizzy that's for why they are becoming overweight after being. So every should be aware about these issues.

Sugar absorption:
Now a days  fast food or street food are made of sugar based which are detrimental for health. Because of having chance of growing blood sugar level high by consuming chemical substances, refined sugar along with various fast foods and street foods, we are getting transferred fat which can enhance weight as well as blood sugar. So we should avoid sugar in everywhere because it will be the causes of overweight which is alarming for future health circumstances.

Taking birth pills:
One part of the females demand that taking birth pills are cause of overweight now a days. They are getting muscles due to lack of exercise as well.
As birth pills are co-related with hormones ,there have little chance of getting overweight after a particular period of life cycle. So it should be much careful about taking birth pills everywhere.

The most fabulous thing to get overweight is genetic disorder. As it happens on the basis of hormones passed through generation to generation. So we can found one of the causes of overweight is genetically transmitted through generation to generation. In most of case family members are fatty not only for diet but also genetically consequences.

Symptoms of overweight 

Now a days we can easily find out the overweight gainer who are categorized under following circumstances:

Shortness of Breathing:
Overweight leads to shorten of breathing. People who  overweight are fall into shortness of breath after work or walk a little. As they have to carry on their weight there are feeling such kind of pressure.

Joints pain:

Overweight person may face into joints pain problem because they have to carry their whole body body on two legs. Moreover the overweight people have more uric acid which causes joint pain in resultant. As they feel hard to move with overweight they get pain in joints for that reasons. So it is very hard to control overweight against joints pain.

Hurt to fold body:

It is too much hard to fold the body of overweight person. Because of having some problem with body structure to move or fold the body easily ,overweight people getting hurt to fold the part of body as well.
Overweight people can not easily touch the ground easily because of his body structure. So people should be careful about exercise and body fitness to time being.

Eat more than work :
The only habit comes to very first in favor of overweight person is eating more than work have to be done. People having overweight cannot realize how to control over foods and habits. They always want to eat more than getting task everyday which finally leads to getting high blood pressure, heart problems along with tiredness day by day. So everyone should be aware behind the path way to become overweight. 

Sweating frequently:

After completing a little task ,a overweight person must sweating frequently with interval. Overweight people getting weakness and fatigue after sweating frequently for his body structure as well as body's resistance against adversely affects of environmental and social factors. So overweight person have a chances of getting weak as quick after sweating frequently. 

Hard to sleep:
Sometimes people having overweight fall into trouble with sleeping habit. Because of having blood pressure and body itches, overweight people can not do easily to getting sleep mood instantly.

Overweight people love to overeat because they feel thirsty and hungry most of the times. Overeating is harmful for health because it makes slow the whole digestive system as well. So we should take care of our health from overeating.

Eating frequently:

Overweight people want to eat frequently because they feel hungry more. Finally they become fat and lazy. Overweight is genetic disorder also for which people of that family are in chain of command for feeling hungry and eating frequently. So we should aware about it.


Whenever we eat more we feel dizzy which comes from tiredness. Overweight comes to the point after we eat more then we need .Because the calorie get no chances to burn .That for why fats are accumulated into abdomen. And finally we become overweight. So we should avoid more eating than needs.


Overweight is measured by calculating physical examination of body weight against body height called body mass index  (BMI).

Highlights: If Body Mass index (BMI) obtains within range of 18.50 to 24.90 then we called normal or healthy weight.

Treatments of overweight 

Reduce Abdominal fat:

Abdominal reduce the beauty of expression. It is not only a problem but also it contains one kind of fat called visceral fat accumulates in the abdomen. The way to reduce the abdominal fat is obligatory to release from overweight disorder.

Exercise :

  • Morning walk
  • Admission into gym
  • Physical activity 

Prevention of overweight

Building healthy foods habit:

Overweight makes people as nest of disease. So if we want to get salvation from overweight we should follow the healthy food habits. Healthy foods habit refers to the balanced diet by which we can control our immune system like chronic diseases.

Building sound body:

For relief from overweight we should build not only healthy diet but also the sound body. By taking proper exercise and gym can balance your calories to keep your body healthy and fit al time.

Keep in mind against overweight:

Condition to prepare for a normal delivery is to keep the weight normal. Maintain a healthy lifestyle so that your body weight stays normal. Normal delivery is reduced if the weight is more or less than normal and there may be various complications during delivery.
  • Avoid extra sugar
  • Avoid fast food 
  • Avoid overeating 
  • Avoid junk food
  • Avoid street food 
  • Avoid alcoholic drinking
  • Avoid extra red meat with extra fat

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