Pneumonia: A Concern forever


Pneumonia is most familiar word to all. It is such kind of disease that can attacks to people all level of aged. Pneumonia occurs when our lungs are infected with virus or bacteria  then inflamed into lungs as resultant. Air filled along with fluids into lungs creates the problem as beginning and end it with shortness of breathing. Pneumonia becomes threatened of life due to lack of proper treatment at proper time. So every one should be alert about it symptoms.

Causes of pneumonia

The main causes of pneumonia are listed below:

  • Influenza virus (flu)
  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections

Symptoms of Pneumonia

Pneumonia symptoms come to be viewed slowly but attack lungs dangerously. So all of we should focus on the symptoms of Pneumonia listed as follows:


loss of appetite 

Shortness in breathing 

Chest pain while coughing


Sweating frequently

vomiting (in case of child mostly)



Serum creatinine

Chest X-ray

CBC (Blood Test)

 Treatments of Pneumonia


  •    Azithromycin tablet (in case of  adults)


For adults: (Both are orally taken as tablet)

  1. Montelukast 10 mg
  2. Fexofenadine 120 mg

 * subject to doses given.

Prevention of pneumonia


Pneumonia vaccine

Except during pneumonia , one can be vaccinated at any time of life. Mostly it should be completed into aged under 1 year. Because new born child may be attacked with it.

Flu vaccine

We are going face various influenza virus (flu) time to time. So we should be alert on flu virus. These virus can be prevented through vaccinated at proper time otherwise costs life suddenly.

Corona virus (COVID -19) Vaccine

Because of having chance to be attacked into lungs due to devastating COVID-19 virus, we should take proper steps to prevent life threatened of shortness in breathing through taking vaccine at due time.


Others steps to prevent pneumonia except vaccine

  • Never let to dry sweat into body.
  • Sanitize hands instead of washing hands frequently.
  • Do not stay into air conditions abruptly.
  • As pneumonia is lungs related, smoking should be prohibited. 
  • Child should be kept in intensive care.
  • Never stay in cold water much time.
  • Never drink freeze items at steady.





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