Dengue or Malaria: Fatal for Afro-Asia

Dengue fever

Now a days Dengue is familiar name to subcontinent. Because of having mosquitoes which are bearing Aedes egipty along with genome sized module. There has been an outbreak of fever for sometime.It started with a common fever but later turned into dengue fever there have symptoms of dengue fever who is show that the patient is suffering from dengue fever in case of dengue fever patients should be cared incentive otherwise it may turns into serious problems.Dengue a fatal disease now a days because of its attributes.

Symptom of dengue fever

Lack of water level:
Dengue patients are fall into difficulty situations when the water level of body reduces due to high temperatures fever .In case of shortage of liquid in the body patients should take saline or food in liquid formed.

Bleeding from organs:
Bleeding from organs of the body may caused in case of dengue patients due to nerve system may damaged origin from brain. Bleeding can be occured from internal and external organs. Here we refers the External organs to eyes, nose, lips as well as internal organs to teeth gums, brain.

Acute bad headache:
The main symptom of dengue fever is severe headache the headache and be so severe and that it can cause problems like brain hemorrhage which is the cause of death many times sudden. 
Patients with Dengue often suffers from neurological problems quiz puts pressure on the brain.

Fever :
Fever starts with a high fever acute fever can occur suddenly usually the temperature rises about 102 Fahrenheit in that fever and it doesn't go down easily.

Skin disorder:
Dengue patients get Red spot on their skin dengue easily or cause within the 2nd to 5th day of the skin problem.
Nausea another symptom of dengue fever is nausea or vomiting many times vomiting is not so much but several nausea. As soon as the symptom of dengue fever you need to see a doctor immediately .

Among the medicines only Paracetamol should be taken don't take other medicines as antibiotic without the advice of physician.

Risk factor: in addition to viral fever dengue and typhoid fever are also auguring so if someone has a fever for more than three or four days you must consult a physician take action accordingly.
Treatments of dengue fever:

 fever usually goes away in 4 to 7 days the fashion should be given plenty of water lemon and nutritious food along with normal food .

The whole body should be wiped with lukewarm water

The head can be given normal water and then the head should be wiped well with dry cloth.


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