Hemorrhoids : A untold disease



What is Hemorrhoids ?

Now a days a big facts of human life is affecting by hemorrhoids. It is common disease as health problem. Hemorrhoids is a familiar disease in society. Half of  people over age of 50 are infected. Piles means a lump of blood in a vein that wells inside the anus.


Causes of Hemorrhoids


  • Gastrointestinal facts
  • Put pressure while defecating
  • Colon cancer
  • Eating low fiber diet 
  • Ulcerative disease


Symptoms of  Hemorrhoids


  • Painless Bleeding while emitting toilet
  •  Burning into rectum
  •  Pain and itching near rectum 
  •  Swelling near rectum
  •  touches and feels mild



  • Physically view of rectum area
  • Digital rectal exam
  • Colonoscopy
  • Anoscope 



Treatment of hemorrhoids

Eating fibrous food items more and taking adequate water is the best treatment and prevention methods against hemorrhoids.


Moreover :


Hold ice pack on pain area  

 Soak into warm bath.

Anti-inflammatory medicine.

Take laxative to soften stools after consulting physicians.

 Taking Sclerotherapy


Prevention of Hemorrhoids


  • Remove constipation
  • Defecate regularly
  • Take fibrous foods and vegetables
  • Drink adequate water ( 8 to 10 glass of water) regularly 
  • Do not pressure while getting toilet


Prevention hemorrhoids through taking foods and diet prescribed  below:

  •  Avoid fatty foods ( like meat, peel less grain)
  •  Avoid chocolates, drinks,
  • Avoid cheese ,coffee 
  • Avoid chips, fried food 

There are many others diseases with respect of anal  along with hemorrhoids. So, it is better to know about the symptoms and remedies of any anal disease without considering it as piles. We are getting familiar with various disease like piles, and hemorrhoids above discussion. So without taking decision by self every one should consult with physicians about the time being diseases which remains untold to most of people all over the world.


Cautious : Don't take laxatives without consult with physician.





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