Constipation: A need to fix problems



What is Constipation ?

Constipation means the circumstances in which emitting stool is going to be restricted  as well as bowel movement becomes slow day by day. Constipation leads various disease into body. Without having toilet means the normal process of body becoming resisted day by day. So we should take foods which helps to digest easily. And take ample of water after taking food. Constipation is on going all over the world regardless the region or geographic due to maintain irregular way of life.    


 Causes of Constipation

  •  Taking Antibiotics crossing resistance
  •  Taking pain killer frequently
  •  Taking low fibrous food
  •  Follow haphazard life
  •  Taking inadequate water after having diet
  •  Having no physical labor or exercise
  •  Getting job without walking 
  • Having gastric problem into stomach.


How it happens:

Stomach have two parts of intestine, one is called large and another is called small. Digested food moves smaller intestine to larger as waste substances called colon. Whenever the colon absorb water from waste then it becomes solid matter and it happens more frequent. Having constipation means the process of food to be waste into digestive system through colon becoming slow day by day.

Symptoms of Constipation


  • Bowel movement becoming slow 

  • Passing more than one or two days without going toilet

  • Stool becoming rigid and hard to pass

  • Painful bowel movement

  • Appetite becomes hardly to happen

  •  Feeling uneasy to lead life

  • Bad odor from stool

  • Much time consumed into toilet. 



  1.  Colonoscopy
  2.  X-ray of Intestine
  3.  Blood test for thyroids  
  4.  MRI of digestive system

 Treatment & medications


  •  Taking laxative as per need

  • Taking  fiber supplement

  •  Do not force into anal to  pass stool

  •  Surgery in case of serious constipation

  • Eating Banana much times. 


'' Having clear with regular basis regarding urination and defecation, Can be stay free from any types of diseases and complexities.''


Prevention of Constipation 

Try to avoid of taking Antibiotics:


Avoid smoking:

Taking fiber diet:


Drinking adequate water per day:



Avoid of taking pain killer frequently:



Take so per liquid food after delivery of pregnancy:














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