Ankle pain: take it easy


Ankle pain is not a disease but a symptom of arthritis and traumatic injury. Most of the people who are engaged with sports specially are getting ankle injured. Ligament of feet are joined with bones for very people. So whenever players having pressure on joints near knee and ankle then ligament sometimes injured then get pain in ankle as resultant. Moreover people can get pain in ankle due to joint inflammation due to having arthritis.

Causes of ankle pain

Ankle pain can occurred causes of some issues described below:
  • Traumatic injury
Ankle pain can cause of traumatic injury sportsperson get mostly. Traumatic injury is one kind of recovery types of disease though it is subject to how much depth.
  • Osteoarthritis
Osteoarthritis is one kind of joint inflammatory disease occurred cause of traumatic injury, genetic problem, or bone deformities etc. It is a procrastinating disease becomes worse day by day. There have millions of people around the world affected by Osteoarthritis, a bone fusion disease due to damage of cartilage into joints. Finally it may lead to be bone loss at the stage of life.

  • Joint inflammation
Joint inflammation is a common demand forever. Because of having discrimination the uric acid level as well as calcium deficit in whole life, there have a chance of joint inflammation. Joint inflammation is controlled by the level of uric acid contain into the body. At one stage of life the bone density  getting slow down then joint inflammation occurred as resultant. So everyone should always keeps in mind that deficit of calcium and food habits enhancing uric acid level may lead to worsen joint inflammation.
  • Over exercise
Anything excessive is not omen for life being. Like as over exercise is bad for health. Joint ligaments are affected sometimes broken due to taking over exercise. Exercise must be consumed as per health resistance power. Whenever sportsperson taking overplayed there have a chance of falling Injured 
  • Foot wearing without fitting
Sometimes people get injured into ankle due to wearing shoes without fitting. It is high risk to get ligaments damaged permanently if someone getting footwear without fitting. People having joint pain must take care of foot wearing with absolute fitting.

  • Bone deformities.
Bone deformity causes of some severe position of bones resulting from after child birth, undergrowth, and broken bone from serious injuries. Physicians rely heavily on limb X-ray. There are many child are borne having bone deformity in the world daily.

Symptoms of ankle pain 

  • Ankle swelling 
  • Stiffness 
  • Foot pain
  • Pain in healing high
  • Inflaming or burning into pain area
  • Skin redness
  • Unable to carry weight on affected ankle
  • Feeling pain while foot wearing

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