Hormonal Imbalances : Health machanism


Hormonal imbalance is one of highlighted topics now-a-days. Hormones are the body's chemical messengers. They help tissues or organs to do their work via bloodstream. Hormones are all kinds of activities in the body, growth & development.

The following symptoms or effects are occurred due to hormonal imbalance:


Hair loss

weight gain

Hair in female face

Over sleeping 

 Increased & decreased  Heart beating

Over sweating 

Dry skin 

Oily skin

Urination frequently 

Anxiety &Irritability 

 Hazy vision

Over thirsty or Hungriness 

Irregular periods

Acne on the face

Growth rate decreased in respect of child.

Causes of hormonal imbalance 

Hormone Change 

Hormone therapy 

Chemotherapy against cancer


Accident or serious  injured. 

Birth control pills 


Premature birth 



Depending on various consequences of human body Physician may decide some diagnosis against hormonal imbalance are as follows:

 Blood test to check thyroid/ testosterone /Estrogen 




Treatment Against hormonal imbalance 

Clinically treatment 

Thyroid therapy 

Estrogen therapy 

Testosterone therapy

Anti-anrozen Medication 

Natural Remedies against Hormonal imbalance :

Regular exercise 

 Avoid White sugar

 Eat fish regularly 

 Drink green tea

 Avoid sugar based beverages 

 Taking nutritious food

 Eat Seasonal fruits

 Drink water frequently 

 Avoid fast-food 

 Adequate Sleep

 Taking vitamin-C often 

 Work till sweating 

 Be clean and stay in clean. 

''Hormones are constrained by many rules and regulations''.

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