Dysentery : A alart for timebeing



Dysentery is one kind of waterborne disease. Its causes death if not treated within proper time. As dysentery is a bacteria based so every one should be safe from filthy and dirty substances.


1. Loose bowels frequently. 

2. Loose motion frequently. 

3. Vomiting whatever eating.


How to prevent



  1. washing your hands with soap and warm water after using the toilet and regularly throughout the day.
  2. washing your hands before handling, eating or cooking food.
  3. avoiding sharing towels.
  4. washing the laundry of an infected person on the hottest setting possible



Though  Naturally:

1. Eating Banana enriched large seeds

2. Bharta with green mango leaves. 

3. Eating Cooked green banana.

4. mixture of salt and molasses in water. 

Through Medicine :

1.Take oral saline frequently 

2. Metronidazole 

3. Lopirin

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