Diabetes : world reknowned



Diabetes is one kind of disease which is controllable but not curable.When blood sugar in the body is too high then we called diabetes. Insulin hormone causes diabetes.




1. Frequent Urination

2. Increased thirst

3.  hunger feeling

3. fatigue and weakness

4. Poor muscle strength

5. Reluctant in sexual intercourse.

6. Erectile Dysfunction

7. Premature birth

8. Dementia


Causes of diabetes

 The main causes of diabetes are as follows:


  • Uncontrollable food habit.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Extra weight gains.
  • Fat without extract.
  • Unusual cholesterol.
  • Environmental factor.
  • Genetic factor (family background).  

 Having more fat increases bad cholesterol in the blood steam and lower good cholesterol. At the same time the effectiveness of insulin decreases and the chances of diabetes and heart problems begins.


Highlights: In case of eating fatty foods, we should decide whether it is beneficiary to health or not.


Blood sugar level


How to prevent:

Diabetes is not curable but controllable disease.So we can control it easy way through maintaining discipline in life style just nothing else.

1. Taking fruits

2. vegetables

3. Salad with green gram

4. Avoid red meat

5. Avoid sweet substances

5. Eating Fish 

6. Taking olive oil as well as nuts.

7. Exercise regularly.


Risk factor: sugar Too low or too high 


If  clinically resultant that it occurs from combination of genetic and life style factor then called it run through whole family . Over weight is most common in this context. The treatment in this respect is as follows:

1.Walk regular 

2. Control of taking fast food

3. Exercise regular

4. Take green tea 

5. Eat lemon 

If clinically resultant that it occurs from attack immune system which destroys insulin producing beta cell into pancreas.

1. Taking insulin as injection for reduce diabetes level.

2. Drinking sugar and water mixture to increase diabetes level.

3. Keep blood sugar monitor machine at nearest.

Diabetes patients have to decide which treatment system is best for.Because it is totally different from other disease.Moreover patients will be weaken day by day and  weight gained as well. Because of having various side effects of insulin like headache, fatigue, haziness, blurred vision etc. Insulin is harmful because it affects  to the health  long term effecting for health. 


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