Joint Pain : Felt but not treated

Joint pain is one of the most common disease now a days. It may be happened from zero to till oldest. Joint pain occurs  depending on various factors like food habit, environment, injury while playing, Global positioning etc.When uric acid level of the body is increased then joint of the body will be inflamed called Joint pain.There are 360 joints in the human body which are lined with cartilage surrounded of synovial fluid helps joint to move smoothly and easily.

 Causes of joint pain:

1. Traumatic injury called haemerthrosis - bleeding into the joint due to traumatic injury occurs from accidents or playing.

2. Joint Inflammation- occours due to  climate change or injury related pain.

3.Gout- one kind of arthritis causes inflamation into joint due to increase uric acid crystal into the joint resultant gout called joint pain or  inflamation.

4.Osteoarthritis- After a level of age everyone has to feel joint pain causing pain or, stiffness ,lock down of body.

5. Bacterial Infection : Dirty place ,dirty cloth,dirty life style may casuse infection in joint area which resultant attack to body\"s auto immune system itself instead of defensive system.



Joint pain feels into following organs:

1. knee

2. waist

3. elbow

4. Sholder


6. Spine


1. X- ray of affeted area.

2. MRI( magnetic Resonance Imaging)

3. 3D movement scanner

4. C- reactive protin(CRP)

How to prevent:

1. Discipline in lifestyle.

2. Avoid tramatic injury from playing footbal or cricket etc.

3. Keep healthy and tidy cloths.

4.Use olive oil in cooking

5. eating sea fish like salmon,tuna 


We can follow three types of treatment like natually , medicine and therapy.

First natually:

1. Taking exercise daily (swiming is best)

2. Eating Banana regularly

3. Drink ample of water

4. Use warm water bag

5. sufficient sleep in night time.

6. eating less salty food

7.Eat spicy not salty.


Omeprazol (For gastric problem)

Naproxen ( For joint pain)

Sulfasalazine (if arthritis) as per Doctors prescription.


1. Manupulation therapy using medical devicesand tools.

2. Hydrotherapy 

3. Ultrasound based therapy

4. massege

5 osteopaths

6. Cupping therapy. 

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